Ejaz Rahim (MA in English) - Sitara-i-Imtiaz for Literature, Poet & Author (PAK)

"The fundamental existential matters constitute the warp and woof of Saad’s verse. His poems are the philosophic utterances of a being aware of the advances in knowledge, particularly in the domains of science and technology, metaphysics and philosophy, history as well as sociology. He takes up themes of God, nature, man, time and space, the self and nothingness, objectivity and subjectivity, permanence and transience and of faith and reason without blinking. He absorbs everything and questions all. That gives immediacy and authenticity to his poetic endeavour. Saad’s poetry is the song of a never-ceasing struggle to discover a ‘brave new world’ despite all the travails and tribulations which that struggle entails."

Farooq Malik (MA in English) - Professor in English Literature, Poet & Author (PAK)

"Saad has acquired a trenchant wit, a keen observation and a prolific pen to bring to readers some absorbing, exciting and vibrant lines to make poetry a stimulating dose for the readers. He has seen more in life than his age, therefore there is a great panorama and more potency in his expression and narrative. Certainly a voice worth a welcome."

Dr. Nikolaos Karfakis (PhD) - Associate Prof. in Management Studies (Cyprus)

"This is a very interesting collection of poems. Ali offers very personal and insightful reflections on the human condition and existence through an engagement with issues such as time, the mind, doubt, nature, and death. Ephemeral Echoes is a fine example of a long tradition that could be called 'philosophical poetry'."

Dr. George Patsiaouras (PhD) - Associate Prof. in Management Studies (UK)

"Saad Ali’s collection of poems provide a fresh, original and alternative perspective to some fundamental and diachronic questions related to the human condition. Based on his own personal reflections and travelling, the author skilfully amalgamates in these poems, themes related to nostalgia, timelessness, loss and humour amongst others. The outcome prompts readers to contemplate and move inwards so as to re-explore and re-discover their own selves."

Dr. Michael Papaioannou (PhD) - Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management (UK)

"Ephemeral Echoes is a book that lets you descend into the depths of your soul. It pushes your mind into the unknown regions of the ego, good and evil, existence itself and the nature of the Creator and creation. Saad's poetry deals with the greatest philosophical questions of all ages in the most delicate manner. Life, existence, the choices we have, the purpose of humanity and the role of consciousness, the universe and the divine, all questions that do not have set answers, yet Ali manages to not only immerse your mind into these age old concepts, but provides a reader with a personal understanding that touches your heart. His poetry offers a peek beyond the invisible veil that human condition imposes into the light beyond. This is the light that Rumi has experienced and transferred into his writings. I would highly recommend Ali's book not only to all inquisitive minds, as it also extends into philosophical, psychological and spiritual debates and themes with its beauty and excellent writing style."

Nabila Gul - Senior Pharmacist (USA)

"Saad's poetry makes you appreciate and value life. The verses communicate with your soul. His usage of metaphor and satire to reflect upon various aspects of human nature and human society is simply beautiful and enticing. And his poetic discourse takes you on a philosophical, psychological and sociological odyssey."

Maraam Pasha (BSc in Management) - Writer & Poet (PK)

"Saad is a master of conveying the most complex of ideas and phenomena, in a way that is simple; yet has you exploring, breaking, building, and questioning your very own perception(s); all at the same time. It is unbelievable how he has granted words to an unfathomable 'Maya' ... as if he is from another universe, which is above and beyond the 'ways' of this world. What we have here is some unconventional poetry that you won't forget."

Dr. Llyod Jacobs (MD) - Surgeon, Poet & Author (USA)

"Saad Ali is erudite and widely knowledgeable. His work has a distinctly metaphysical aura about it. Moreover, his writing is warm and humane, clearly capturing the essence of what it is to be human. His voice is not one that will be ignored."

Ejaz Rahim (MA in English) - Sitara-i-Imtiaz for Literature, Poet & Author (PAK)

"Metamorphoses: Poetic Discourses is not poetry that treats life, nature, or love as ‘emotions recollected in tranquillity’, ‘outpourings of the heart’ or ‘whispers of the soul’ in the usual romantic, metaphysical, or mystical traditions of verse. What we have instead is an intense exploration of philosophical and existential issues encompassing sensations, emotions, thought, imagination, language and communication. Ali’s poems illustrate the unique convening power of contemporary Poetry. His Muse is able to summon a whole band of images and inputs from diverse fields of knowledge, ancient and modern, and to employ them as the means for probing and exploring sensations, emotions and concepts that move and mould consciousness today. A notable feature of this work is the interplay of the material and the non-material forces in nature and human life. Irony, wit and epigram permeate his verse. Allusion, allegory, innuendo and wordplay are freely at work. His poetry reflects the turmoil and turbulence of our age on the one hand, and the road to self-enlightenment and transcendence on the other."

Dr. Leonidas Efthymiou (PhD) - Assistant Prof. in Tourism (Cyprus)

"Drawing inspiration from art, places, signs, symbols, seasons, time and the universe, Saad’s poems spark an abundance of emotions for the reader. Like opening a time-capsule, I experienced the pain stemming from my nostalgia for the past. I located my own multiple-selves in sorrow. The style is direct while the poet moves effortlessly from metaphor to semiotics. The poet makes no attempt to sacrifice emotions in the name of progression. All you have to do is to immerse yourself in his poetry to experience the nostalgia of ‘Departure’. It will take you “Somewhere”--in places under the sun, among the stars, the sea, in a “surrealistic cosmic portrait”, in the ecstasy of loneliness, or the void of a crowd. It was ‘pain’ to me. What would it be to you: joy, anger, betrayal, or something else?"